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Please enjoy my images which are mostly from the Cape to Cape region in the South West of Western Australia (from Busselton to Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin). Please feel free to comment on any of these images.


Bunker Bay Rainbow

_DSC1003After a day spent watching Southern Right Whales in Bunker Bay, I went up to a lookout and noticed a rainbow in the distance.

Surfing dolphins

More of the same!

Notice the baby dolphin in the centre of this shot

Aerial dolphins

After a week or so of cold, wet weather (OK cold by Dunsborough standards) yesterday afternoon was a welcome change. Moderate waves, a light easterly breeze just strong enough to blow the tops of the waves back a bit (this creates a nice billowing spray!), and the sun came out. So did the dolphins, and they were surfing, and just as they were about to get dumped they would leap out of the back of the wave. Very impressive, and a very enjoyable afternoon watching them. This first shot has seven dolphins in the air at once! The following shot shows the dramatic wave forms  (as well as dolphins).



Dolphins up to their old tricks again

It has been a while since they have been playing like this at Sandpatches. The conditions were right for them today – the waves were breaking in close, and they seemed to be finding plenty of fish to catch.


Salmon season

The salmon are here. This morning about five schools went past while I was photographing dolphins. They seemed to hide close to the surf zone so the dolphins can’t find them, and then when they think its safe they make a move along the beach.

For those who are not familiar with the Australian salmon, these are not the pink flesh salmon such as the Tasmanian salmon or the northern hemisphere salmon. They are about 80 cm long, weigh 4-5 kgs and every year they migrate from somehere near Ceduna in South Australia to the South west coast here in Western Australia. They are a lot of fun to catch.


Abstract dolphins

Sometimes you get lucky. This looks more like a painting.

Dolphins enjoying the sun, surf and …

Today the dolphins were back at Sandpatches. There were a lot of mothers with very young calves and some very frisky males. This calf looks to be very small.


There was the usual surfing, but the waves weren’t very big.


The males were very active.


And if you have any doubts as to what was happening in that last image, this may make it more obvious.



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