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Paris street scene

Just going through my Paris shots. I liked this building at the time and still find myself looking in the windows to see who is working late! Also I like the cobblestones in the road. The bottom floor is a Peugot dealership – they obviously go to great lengths to display the cars.
Paris street

For Joanne (Another Paris shot)

This is very much a “postcard” shot – the degree of difficulty was high. (Long exposures handheld in -2C temperatures). However it is hard to take a bad photo of the Eiffel Tower. (The next post will be from somewhere else).

Picture Perfect

Eiffel Tower at night

(Joanne is my niece and has been saying nice things about my Paris images!)

The Louvre – the ancient and the modern.

The Louvre in Paris is amazing – it goes on and on forever, and the exhibits are superb (from ancient Egyptian antiquities to French and Italian paintings). This image was taken in the same room the Mona Lisa was displayed in – the painting is a very large painting on the wall at the opposite end to the Mona Lisa. As the figures in the painting were life size the people in the room look like they are part of the scene!

The people in the gallery blend with the figures in the painting

The people in the gallery blend with the figures in the painting

The Mona Lisa itself was disappointing. It was displayed behind glass and you could not get close. Also the painting seemed to have a strange yellow/green cast and I suspect this was a color in the room caused by reflections from the floor. I would love to see it up close.


My visit has come to and end, but it was a bit hectic over the last few days. I finished the business part of the trip last Wednesday, so I decided to go to Paris for a couple of days (I didn’t leave for Perth until Sunday). Well it was cold in London so I thought if I went further south it would get warmer.

That wasn’t clever thinking. It got down to -6 and the wind chill made it worse.

In spite of that Paris is a beautiful place. No-one worried about my camera and whenever I asked if it was OK to take photos they were genuinely surprised that I asked – go ahead they said with a smile. The only place I wasn’t allowed to take photos was in some exhibitions in the Louvre – but everywhere else in the Louvre was OK and that was 99.9% of it.

Even if I wasn’t allowed to take any photos Paris is amazing – just gorgeous. The traffic is breathtaking, the taxi drivers managed to turn 10 Euro fares into 25, the parking is a nightmare (you park where you can and no-one seems to mind) but the atmosphere of Paris is captivating. The cafes, the streets and alleys, but most of all the architecture. The consistent style everywhere – 6 stories, limestone and the wide streets just made for pavement cafes. In summer it would be even better, as over the time I was there the cold was bitter (and I was getting used to English weather).

So a big tick to France for being sensible – I didn’t see a No Photography sign until I got back to England.

On the first night I was in Paris I went out to the Arc De Triomphe (photos later). I could see the Eiffel Tower all lit up, so I walked in that direction until I found it. I went to the top, and the views were superb. However it was freezing cold at the top. The wind was about 15 knots and with the temp around -2 my hands became painful after a couple of minutes taking photos. Later I was buying something and my fingers wouldn’t work to get the right notes out of my wallet!

The Eiffel Tower at night
The view from the top