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Smoky Sugarloaf

I went out to Sugarloaf tonight hoping the smoke would give a good sunset.  Every time I go there it seems as if it is in a different mood._DSC2266-1 - _DSC2267-2-1

Yarloop losses

The news is sketchy at this stage but it appears the historic timber town of Yarloop has been very badly hit by the bushfires. They say that there are very few houses left(I saw an unconfirmed report that only 30 houses out of 250 are left). It must be very distressing to the residents but fortunately at this stage there does not appear to be any loss of life. Lets hope it stays that way.

It seems the historic steam museum is gone. I have always been going to go back and revisit the steam museum, but sadly that will never happen. Here is an image from my last visit (in 2010). Magnificent machinery carefully restored by local volunteers.



Waroona bushfires

The smoke from the fires is going a long way – we are 150kms south of the fires and as you can see from this image the smoke is going a long way south of here (south is to the right of the image). This view from the Quindalup jetty shows the smoke starting on the horizon above the jetty and extending across the photo. Busselton is behind the dunes on the right of the photo.

Currently the 3 main roads to the south from Perth are closed, and the only way for people to get between Perth and Bunbury is to go on a major detour inland.

_DSC2224-1 - _DSC2226-3-1