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Southern Right Whale calf

I have been looking out for Southern Right Whales lately. It has been about 10 days since there were any around in the western end of Geographe Bay. Last night 2 adults and a 3 metre calf (very young) showed up at Meelup. The calf was very active, and they moved off towards Pt Picquet. A boat which had been anchored started up and followed them. They immediately went into “stealth mode” and only surfaced briefly every few minutes. When the boat moved off the calf began playing – leaping out of the water continuously. They were at times less than 10m offshore. As they rounded Pt Picquet the sun was setting and I got this shot of the calf in the golden light.
Here are some more shots of the calf. _DSC8190-1
The next two were taken after sunset, necessitating slower shutter speeds and high ISO. _DSC8214-1


More New York images

This post has a variety of images. Firstly – some more building shots.


When visiting New York it is essential to use the subway. Usually you use it to get from Point A to Point B, but this chap found another use.
I wonder what the hands on the hips was about? Perhaps it was the wrong train.
I liked these shots of people on another platform.
Manhattan Rooftops. This first shot was of an apartment on the roof of another building. This was taken from our apartment.
A rooftop party.
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A sign I liked._DSC5875-1
The view from our apartment at night.
Street Photography_DSC6719-26

New York Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers should scrape the sky. These seem to fit the bill.

However just scraping the sky is not the only criteria. Architecture should be interesting.



New is not always better than old. _DSC5824-5