Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia


Cape Naturaliste

Here is a shot of Cape Naturaliste this morning.


Two schools meet

At Injidup this morning I was filming this school of salmon when they met a school of herring. The herring seemed to escape into a wave.


Bunker Bay

As always it is a gorgeous beach.


Tourist taking his 2yo swimming at Bunker Bay this morning.

I was using my drone to record video of a bronze whaler that was swimming along the beach. I didn’t see this tourist swimming until I watched the video at home afterwards. This image is a still grabbed from the video and then cropped severely – I only just got the tourist in the frame. I can see he has a young child in his arms! He is completely unaware of the presence of the shark.

The shark is probably a bronze whaler about 2m long. It seems to initially be attracted towards the swimmer, but when it gets closer it turns away swimming fast until it is well past the swimmer, then it comes inshore again. The shark looks bigger than it is because of the wide angle lens of the drone exaggerating the size of foreground objects. My guess is that the shark got to within 10m of the swimmer.



Some sharks, some risk takers and what a beautiful beach

Continuing on in the shark theme. I went back to Wyadup this morning to see if the salmon and shark activity was repeated. It was. There were some surfers (paddle boarder, body boarder and board surfers) out. At the same time I saw 15 – 20 sharks (bronze whalers – 2m) although it was probably 5 sharks repeatedly visiting the area. The paddle boarder at one stage used his paddle to scare the sharks away, at other times he paddled towards the sharks for a better look. The sharks were timid and moved away when any of the surfers approached them. However at times the sharks came in close into the white water where visibility was low.

Bad shark, naughty shark. The shark is slightly to the right of the surfer who is splashing with his paddle to get the shark to move away.

_DSC1285 Later he gains confidence and paddles towards several sharks in close proximity. I am not sure he was aware of them all or that there was a school of salmon nearby.

Moving on. Rock fishing is a (the most) dangerous sport. They say you should not fish from wet rocks like this.


5 minute later I took this shot. That is the tip of his rod you can see._DSC1385

This is a stunningly beautiful beach.


OK some shark shots – I have lots to choose from.


The beautiful colours of the ocean (and its predators)

Today I was at Wyadup, the northern end of the Injidup beach. Schools of salmon were going past and there were a number of sharks (as far as I could tell Bronze Whalers) ambushing them.  The colours were amazing.  However I am dubious about the wisdom of going surfing when there are numerous sharks sharing the same part of the ocean.

The hunter chases the hunted who chase the little guys

At Bunker Bay today this afternoon glassed off after a windy morning. Schools of salmon had been there all day and at times up to 18 boats were offshore all catching salmon. The dolphins were there and were having fun – catching salmon and once they went surfing. On shore there were hundreds of people along the beach and they were all catching salmon.  This shot of a fisherman reeling in a salmon who were all chasing herring sums it up.


Here is a shot of a dolphin catching a salmon.


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