Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia


Dolphins at Windmills

It has been wet, windy, with big seas and generally conditions that even dolphins are not happy about. Today they turned up again, but spent most of their time at Windmills, just north of their usual hangout.


Dolphins managed to find some waves

It was overcast with choppy confused seas. Not a lot of surfing happening, but the dolphins found a few waves.

Dolphins surfing

The dolphins have been visiting Sandpatches more regularly lately. They move along the beach chasing fish, and then go out to sea a bit and come back to their starting position in a circle or oval pattern of movement. It is a matter of waiting until they are close to shore, and the right size waves arrive. Then they can’t resist and take off in the surf, sometimes finishing by leaping out the back of the wave.



Gannetts fishing

In the strong wind this morning there was a continuous stream of Gannetts going from east to west past Pt Picquet. Many of them were diving for fish.

What goes up has to come down.



How to stop sea level rises

Pull out the plug!  Bunker Bay Saturday.  You can see some salmon swimming up from the bottom of this image.


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