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The hunter chases the hunted who chase the little guys

At Bunker Bay today this afternoon glassed off after a windy morning. Schools of salmon had been there all day and at times up to 18 boats were offshore all catching salmon. The dolphins were there and were having fun – catching salmon and once they went surfing. On shore there were hundreds of people along the beach and they were all catching salmon. ┬áThis shot of a fisherman reeling in a salmon who were all chasing herring sums it up.


Here is a shot of a dolphin catching a salmon.


Salmon at Bunker Bay

This school has been there nearly all day, despite being hammered by boats, dolphins, bronze whalers (4-5) and a tiger shark. In fact looking through the video I took I think there were more bronze whalers than I originally thought. You can see a couple of dolphins in the LH edge of this shot.
Dolphins along the bottom edge
More dolphins. However I think there were also bronze whalers around based on the video I shot at this time.DJI_0158

Salmon fishing (commercial)

The annual salmon run has commenced in the south west of WA. These are Australian salmon and they are nothing like Atlantic salmon. They are probably called salmon because of their annual migration from Ceduna in South Australia around the South West coast and up as far north as Rottnest and beyond. The netting process obviously attracts sharks who are following the schools of salmon, and I have been enjoying the opportunity to get some good shots of bronze whalers closeup (often 10m from the shore or less). The drone shots add another dimension to the experience.


The drone shots are here. I thought there were some sharks in the net but it is just weed. Notice in some shots the salmon escaping.

Bronze Whalers at Smiths Beach

A school of salmon was netted this morning at Smiths Beach. The captured salmon attracted the interest of 6 bronze whaler sharks ranging up to 2.5m , a wobbegong, and a large ray.

New Year dolphins


Over the Xmas – New Year period I have not had time to see the dolphins but today they were at Sandpatcheshaving fun in some good surf.

2016 whale watching

The whales were late to arrive this year. Although a few trickled through the humpbacks didn’t really arrive in numbers until the end of September. (Compared to late August – early September last year). The Southern Right Whales have keep us entertained while we waited for the humpbacks. There has also been some blue whales going past and although we do see them at this time the numbers have been higher this year.

Last Thursday the humpbacks turned on a show that made the wait worthwhile. In freezing weather (for this part of the world) they performed every trick they knew. Breaching (in two hours we saw around 40 breaches), tail slapping, fin slapping and so on. I saw one humpback spinning and flapping his pectoral fins as he went. I could see a black fin, then a white one, then black and so on (the underside is white). Most of the time we could see 3-5 pods at once.



One humpback breaching while another lies on its back applauding!


Tail slapping

These whales were about 2.5km off shore and I was watching from the rocks at Pt Picquet.


The IT industry’s reputation seems to have hit a new low.

Since the Census fiasco the reputation of the IT industry seems to have taken a dive. I saw this sign outside our local hardware.


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