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Autumn leaves

Autumn seems to be hanging on – with a front approaching we will probably see most of the autumn leaves go in the next few days.


This was captured in the gardens at Aravina Estate (it used to be called Amberley until 2 years ago).

Autumn Leaves

These trees are in an orchard just around the corner from where I live. I have often driven past thinking that they would make a good shot in the right light. Yesterday there weren’t any clouds about, so I thought it could be a good time to give it a try.

I have no idea what sort of trees they are. If anyone knows I would be interested to hear. They are planted in a grid as if they are in an orchard, and there are probably about 50 trees in total. They have little signs at the base, which say either GRA PARK GIANTĀ  orĀ  CHOCK (or something like CHOCK – I can’t quite remember this one). I presume these signs refer to the variety.

Autumn leaves on Wildwood Road

Autumn leaves on Wildwood Road

Abbey Vale vineyard

This image won a bronze award in the 2010 Landscape 500 competition. It is taken at the Abbey Vale vineyard in Wildwood Road, Yallingup. (The cellar door outlook is leased by “The Growers”, hence the title).

I would have liked to have had more clouds in the sky, but when I revisited the spot, the leaves were falling and the sun moved further north, spoiling the shot. Maybe next year.

Cape Clairault

During late autumn there are usually fogs in the lower lying areas of the vineyards of the Margaret River region. This image is a multiple image stitch (2 rows, approximately 5 images in each row).

The autumn leaves, fog, red rays of the sunrise and the Marri trees in the foreground combine to create an image that is more like a painting than a photograph.

UPDATE: 2013. This image has appeared on the front cover of a magazine – State of the Future produced by the Department of Commerce, Western Australia.