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Gannett Rock and Xmas Trees

These Xmas trees (named because they come into bloom at Xmas) are parasitic – they tap into the roots of other trees. However they are a magnificent orange color when in bloom. At Pt Picquet there is an area which has one of the best displays of Xmas trees, but they are usually a couple of weeks later coming into bloom. They are just starting to come into bloom now.
Gannett Rock
Pt Picquet is where there has been a whale watching project ongoing for a number of years. This year during October they recorded a peak of nearly 8 humpback whales an hour passing this point, sometimes very close to shore (50m). In November there are significant numbers of Blue Whales passing Pt Picquet. They also sometimes pass very close and this is the only place in the world you can see Blue Whales from the shore. Blue Whales are the largest animal that has ever lived – they can weigh up to 180 tons and 50m in length.

Wyadup sunset

Very often sunsets here fizzle out due to a large band of cloud that forms over the horizon. Last night looked promising, so I went down to Wyadup. At the last minute a small band of cloud appeared on the horizon, and this prevented the sunset from developing into a full blown knock your socks off sunset, but it was pretty good.
Wyadup sunset
The shore along this stretch is interesting. Over summer the sand will build up, and this whole area becomes a sandy beach. Most of these rocks are either covered by sand or partly covered. Then during winter the storms wash it all away again and the cycle starts over again.