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Pastie and Hot Drink $4.49

I have been going back through my images from the UK in Jan/Feb. This was taken in Paddington station, London (after the security guard gave permission – trust me!). The temperature was around zero with snow flurries outside. In this image I liked the travellers outside. The man struggling with his luggage (in a hurry) and also the man with the green bag (in no apparent hurry) caught my eye. But I keep keep getting drawn to the warmth (or appearance of warmth!) inside the shops. The magnificent roof towers above and I found the roof of the station incredibly interesting (I posted an earlier image of the roof of Paddington station).

Ok – it was 4.49 Pounds not dollars but I haven’t worked out how to insert a pound sign yet.

For the ladies – “Gentlemen – all sizes”

In my travels I saw many things. This shop caught my eye. At the size of the image on the web it is probably difficult to make out, but the sign on the mannequin says ‘up to 62″ which doesn’t seem very big (for a gentleman).
Gentlemen - all sizes

Paddington Station

I had just arrived in London after 34 hours of travelling and was adjusting to the time difference. So I went down to Paddington Station to fill in time until it was time to sleep. While taking this shot I was interrupted by a station guard who warned me that I should ask for permission to avoid being mistaken for a terrorist! Apparently I looked harmless as he let me continue.

I love the architecture in this station.

Paddington Station

Paddington Station

Don’t look up

Poking around an antique shop in Paddington (Brisbane) I came across this scene. Couldn’t resist.
This lady was oblivious to the setting.

Don't look up

Antique Shop, Paddington