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More dolphins

There was a large group of dolphins at Sandpatches today feeding on salmon. Occasionally one would get too close to shore and have to leap out of the wave to avoid being dumped on the beach. Flying dolphin

Catch it!

Catch it
It is the height of the salmon season here. These are not related to the pink fleshed wonderful eating Tasmanian or Canadian salmon, but are unique (I think) to the south of Australia. They are reputed to be poor eating, but wrapped in foil, stuffed, and coated with butter/lemon they are pretty nice – I think.
There were lots of people at Pt Picquet this morning and lots of salmon apparently. Here is one in the process of being caught (or missed? ). They are great fun to catch.

Dolphins at Sandpatches

Dolphins often feed here chasing herring into the surf zone. They jump out of the back of the waves to avoid being dumped.
Dolphins feeding