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With the stormy weather we have been having lately, there have been some spectacular cloud formations. Here is one taken at Yallingup mid afternoon.

Yallingup Storm

Yallingup Storm


There is this place where the waves are channelled into a V – shaped gap. The water blasts over the rocks at the end of the gap, and falls into a shallow canal which takes the water away. On quiet days the water doesn’t get over the rocks at the end of the gap. When it does it is a great place to practice slow exposures.



Storm damage

This shot was taken in Commonage Rd, outside Simmo’s Icecream. Our neighbour was driving along here at the height of the storm. He said this section looked frightening with the wind blowing trees everywhere. He decided to pull over (the wind was so strong he faced the car into the wind in case it blew the car over!). While he watched 3 trees were blown down over the section of road he had been about to drive down. This photo was taken about an hour later. We had to deviate through Simmo’s carpark to get into Dunsborough.

Quindalup storm damage

Quindalup storm damage

Wild weather at Sugarloaf Rocks

I went out to Sugarloaf Rocks yesterday. The wind was gusting around 40 knots and there was spray everywhere. I had my camera well covered because of the salt spray everywhere.

Sugarloaf Storm

Sugarloaf Storm

I think the seas will continue to increase during the week, and I will probably go out again around Wednesday or Thursday. (The forecast is for wind gusts up to 125km/hour tonight – after Sundays storm that is really only a gentle breeze!

Weather at Canal Rocks

It has been wet and windy down here lately. I went out to Canal Rocks last night to see if I could capture a nice sunset. There were some nice clouds around.

Canal Rocks sunset.

Cape Clairault is in the background

A short time after this storm came across Cape Naturaliste.
Cape Naturaliste Storm

Looking north from Canal Rocks.

Sugarloaf Rocks Dawn

Sugarloaf Rocks

I found this old bent tree trunk which was pointing at the rock. It begged to have its photo taken! (Sunrise was pretty good this morning)

Wyadup on a long weekend

It is great to see people coming down and enjoying themselves safely. I didn’t see any fish being caught, but these people were in the right place to catch some, and although it may not look like it they were quite safe in this location. However just behind me was a fisherman on a wet, exposed rock. Probably not the best place to be.

Fishing at Wyadup

This was one of my father’s favorite fishing spots – I have fished with him here many times. It is a very safe place provided you stay away from areas that are wet! However the spot I took the photo from is normally quite dangerous (not today!).

This image (like all on this blog) has been reduced so that it can be displayed on the web. The original is a 6 image stitch, and is over 20,000 pixels wide.