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More Paris

If you go to Paris you will always see the Arc De Triomphe. It is hard not to as it is a major traffic thoroughfare. This shot was taken at night. To help orientate you it is taken under the middle of the central arch looking straight up.

Arc De Triomphe

Arc De Triomphe

The next shot was taken in The Louvre. This is one of the connections between galleries – I couldn’t tell you where as by this time I was completely lost in spite of the maps. I liked the architecture of these stairs.
Whats next?

The Louvre


The classical photos of sand dunes have wind blown ripples in the sand. At Yeagarup at the moment the sand is too wet and any ripples are quite small. However when it rains heavily the water runs down the slopes washing sand down. When the sand dries, the sand that was washed down is loose and dries more rapidly than the underlying sand. This creates bands of light and dark that follow the contours. This photo is a good example. You can also see the small wind blown ripples in the sand on the left. Someone had lit a fire in the background – hence the smoke.

Patterns in the sand

Patterns in the sand

I would expect that later in the year the sand would have dried out and the wind blown ripples of sand would return.

The mouth of the Willyabrup River

This image was taken at the mouth of the Willyabrup river. As we approached this spot I calculated it had been over 45 years since I had been there before! The river is running but the water is so clear it cant be seen in the photo. The black patterns are made by meneral sands (ilmenite) in the bed of the river. This photo can only be taken in winter months when the river is flowing. It is around 5k from the nearest place a 2WD car can be parked, and even the 4WD tracks are tough.

In the winter the mouths of the numerous small rivers and streams that reach the coast are some of the best places to take photos. In summer the streams are either dry or blocked and stagnant.