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Not so quiet now.

The humpback migration seems to come in pulses – just when it seems that they are rushing past the numbers die off. The weekend was like that. Today they came back in a rush. The following photos were taken between 12:15 and 12:40. All are different breaches, and they are only shots of the closest pod. There were around 3 other pods breaching further out to sea.


Its been quiet lately

There has been a lull in the numbers of humpbacks coming through Geographe Bay oover the last couple of days (they are still streaming past the west coast indicating they are coming south further out to sea for a few days. This one came through late in the day – hence the reddish look to the light.



A good morning

Dolphins surfing (28 on one wave!), leaping into the air, an Osprey, and still time to go whale watching.