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Yallingup at low tide

This is the Yallingup lagoon during a very low tide.

Yallingup at low tide

Yallingup at low tide

Yallingup lagoon

This version is how I imagined the shot when I first heard that there were night dives going on. I have omitted the above water lights, and zoomed in on the lagoon.

Yallingup night dive

As the girls were coming down the steps to the beach they were chanting something like “Shark bait Shark Bait Ho Ho Ho”.

Light Painting with 60 helpers (if only they knew)

Over the last 3 days 180 students from a Perth girls school have been down in the SW. They were divided into 3 groups of 60, and over the last 3 days each group have had an afternoon snorkel, a BBQ on the foreshore, and a night dive in the lagoon.

This seemed to me to be an excellent opportunity for a light painting project on a grand scale and with a grand subject – the lagoon.
I only caught up with them on their final night, sand was not sure what to expect. This is the result. 50 x 30 second exposures blended.

Yallingup lagoon

Yallingup lagoon

Yallingup Sunday

It is winter, and there is quite a swell coming in from the west. I went down for a cup of coffee and was quite taken by the effect of the spray off the ocean as you look north towards Sugarloaf Rocks.
Sea spray

Dolphins surfing Yallingup mainbreak.

Dolphins at Yallingup
I always enjoy taking these sort of shots. For anyone who wants to take similar shots the only advice I can give is to spend hours at the beach!

Yallingup Beach

Its hard to think of a better place to go to in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee looking out over the lagoon and surf break. Yallingup is regarded as the birthplace of surfing in the South West. Many of those who pioneered surfing in this area in the 50s and 60s have subsequently retired to this area and surf this area daily. Yallingup
In this image I was trying to capture an image that was instantly recognisable as Yallingup, and these trees in the foreground are the essence of Yallingup.

Stormy weather

This was the scene at Yallingup yesterday. Fast moving clouds. There was some big surf, and unusually the storm was coming from the north east.