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This was done in camera – photographing oil bubbles in a water bowl! The color comes from a magazine under the bowl. I was testing a new lens with extension tubes. Great fun.
Second Abstract
If you stir the water, then as the bubbles float past you get many different patterns.

Tree Stump

Something a bit different. Picture an uprooted tree with the stump out of the ground. The root system and the timbers are often quite intriguing, but when you photograph the tree stump you get a lot of detail, dirt, and generally the background is pretty unattractive.

So what if you pick out the part that attracted you to the image, and “blend” it (actually play with a few different possibilities!). Here is one attempt.

Abstract images

Down towards the Augusta lighthouse, there are some places where water seeps out of the limestone and trickles slowly over rocks. As it evaporates it leaves behind highly colored deposits. The combination of these deposits, the grasses, and the rocks make some interesting patterns. It is interesting that the limestone is sitting on top of the granite.

I have printed these on Epson Velvet Fine Art paper (a bit like blotting paper for those who aren’t familiar with it) and  they come out great.