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Salmon at Bunker Bay

This school has been there nearly all day, despite being hammered by boats, dolphins, bronze whalers (4-5) and a tiger shark. In fact looking through the video I took I think there were more bronze whalers than I originally thought. You can see a couple of dolphins in the LH edge of this shot.
Dolphins along the bottom edge
More dolphins. However I think there were also bronze whalers around based on the video I shot at this time.DJI_0158

Salmon fishing (commercial)

The annual salmon run has commenced in the south west of WA. These are Australian salmon and they are nothing like Atlantic salmon. They are probably called salmon because of their annual migration from Ceduna in South Australia around the South West coast and up as far north as Rottnest and beyond. The netting process obviously attracts sharks who are following the schools of salmon, and I have been enjoying the opportunity to get some good shots of bronze whalers closeup (often 10m from the shore or less). The drone shots add another dimension to the experience.


The drone shots are here. I thought there were some sharks in the net but it is just weed. Notice in some shots the salmon escaping.

Bronze Whalers at Smiths Beach

A school of salmon was netted this morning at Smiths Beach. The captured salmon attracted the interest of 6 bronze whaler sharks ranging up to 2.5m , a wobbegong, and a large ray.