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A retake of the last image

I liked the last image of Sugarloaf Rock I posted, but unfortunately there were some technical issues with the shot which while not affecting the relatively low resolution shot posted, they would have prevented the shot being printed at a large scale.

However I liked the concept and thought it worth trying again. The first time I tried the conditions were rough and the water didn’t look right. The next time it was calm. I used a wider lens to improve the composition.┬áThis is the result. (A different shot, but one which has a similar concept. I still like the original- I think if I went to the same place 10 times I would come away with 10 different images).



(Yet Another Sugarloaf Sunset)

It seems every photographer who is visiting “down south” comes out here to get a shot of this iconic location. Some days it is hard to get a shot without a photographer in it! I avoided this yesterday by getting close to the water.


Geminid Meteors

As my daughter said I was let down by the universe. The press was that there were to be up to 120 meteors per hour, but I only saw 3. Then it was getting late and cold.



It is always fun to go to Wyadup and play with these sort of shots. The water colours are amazing.