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The Fisherman

This Osprey had a good catch – I would have been proud of that fish. He was taking it home – I am surprised he could carry a weight like that.

Seafood dinner

He was heading past Castle Rock towards Dunsborough. He must have a nest somewhere there.

What a swimming pool!

How would this be in your backyard? After a long hot walk to get to the waterfalls at Manning Gorge, a long cool swim is very welcome. Fortunately no crocodiles are here.

Manning Gorge Waterfall

Manning Gorge Waterfall

Quindalup boat ramp this morning.

I went down to Quindalup this morning because there were some great clouds around – rain squalls etc. Unfortunately my camera had been in a warm house overnight, and once out in the air, I started getting condensation on the lens. It ruined a few of the shots, but I quite liked this one – almost a “classic” Quindalup boat ramp shot.

Quindalup boat ramp

Quindalup boat ramp

Double rainbow at Pt Picquet

This was taken in June last year.

On an historical note, Picquet was an officer on one of Baudin’s ships (the Geographe and the Naturaliste) which visited this coast around 1801. At the time Baudin described Picquet as “an amiable fellow”. By the end of the voyage the relationship had soured. At one stage Picquet drew his sword on Baudin, and faced court martial on return to France. He was saved by Baudin’s death on the return journey, and the fact that the other officers refused to testify against him.

This image won a bronze award in the 2011 Epson International Photographic Pano Awards.

Double rainbow at Pt Picquet

Double rainbow at Pt Picquet

Bridge over troubled waters

I seem to be on a Canal Rocks theme at the moment. It is the closest part of the coast to where I live and I can duck down there in a few minutes, so it becomes the choice when I make a last minute decision to go out. This was taken Friday evening, just after the sun had set. About 5 minutes after the sun sank behind the rocks the sky came alive. This lasted for about 3 minutes.  Ideally I would like to have been a couple of metres to the right, but I would get very wet if I tried!

The title of the post relates to the fact that the water under the bridge is always moving, even on the calmest of days.

Bridge over troubled waters

Bridge over troubled waters

Willyabrup Cliffs

The Willyabrup cliffs are used by rock climbers and abseilers. This is a 2 second exposure at f22. On checking the Exif I found out why I needed F22 – I had left the ISO at 800 from a previous shoot. That’s a problem with the modern DSLR – there are so many settings that it is easy to forget something! There’s nothing worse though than getting home after a good shoot to find that the photos are unuseable because you forgot to set something!  Fortunately this one was OK.

The late afternoon sun gives the cliffs a nice warm glow.