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Lucky lenscap

I went down to Smiths Beach this evening hoping for a decent sunset. I thought the river would reflect the light well, so I crossed the river – it isn’t very deep, but is quite fast flowing. When I looked at my camera the lens had no lens cap. I thought I must have left it at the car, and proceeded to set up this shot. As I was taking the shot(s) – it was a panorama and focus stacked, so it took a while – two young girls appeared and asked if I wanted this thing they found. It was my missing lens cap and it had been about to be washed out to sea about 100 metres to my right!
Smiths Panorama

Cape Naturaliste

Cape Naturaliste sunsetI was at Cape Naturaliste late this afternoon. Although there was a lot of cloud on the horizon, there were enough breaks in the cloud to give an interesting sky.

Wyadup sunset

Last night we had one of the best sunsets for a very long time. I was at Wyadup, and the sky was on fire in all directions. For a while the sea, and the rocks were glowing a copper color. Wyadup sunset

What a Good Saturday!

After a couple of months of nonexistent temperatures (doesn’t 0 = nothing?) it is a joy to warm up again. This Easter is heading towards one of the best I can recall, weather is perfect (Definition of perfect weather = 28 Max temp, overnight cool enough to sleep well, light winds, low humidity, just enough clouds to make photography interesting). So here is an image that illustrates this. Well OK both clouds were behind me! Gannett Rock from Pt Picquet with a yacht blocking the view!
Easter perfection

Will it, won’t it?

Back home in the South West of WA. Last night I went out to Sugarloaf Rocks as there was some cloud around, and it even looked like there may be a thunderstorm. When I arrived there was a large band of cloud above the horizon, and the sun was disappearing behind it. It didn’t look promising, and some photographers left. I noticed a clear band just above the horizon and stayed to see if the sun would make a final appearance. It did and the sunset was quite spectacular.

Sugarloaf sunset

Sugarloaf sunset

Wyadup sunset

Very often sunsets here fizzle out due to a large band of cloud that forms over the horizon. Last night looked promising, so I went down to Wyadup. At the last minute a small band of cloud appeared on the horizon, and this prevented the sunset from developing into a full blown knock your socks off sunset, but it was pretty good.
Wyadup sunset
The shore along this stretch is interesting. Over summer the sand will build up, and this whole area becomes a sandy beach. Most of these rocks are either covered by sand or partly covered. Then during winter the storms wash it all away again and the cycle starts over again.

Bunker Bay from Rocky Point

Bunker Bay is one of the prettiest beaches in this area. This shot was taken from Rocky Point late in the afternoon. The cloud formations were impressive, however there was a low band of solid cloud on the horizon behind the hills and this prevented the sunset from developing. Bunker Bay This image reminds me of a photo of Bunker Bay I took in the 80’s. I was on holiday in WA while working in Holland. I took the photo to work when I got back late January – a pretty mean trick as it had been -15 for several weeks. My colleagues stared and stared at the photo and after about 5 minutes one of them said “But there is no one on the beach!” I hadn’t noticed because in those days there rarely was!