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Supermoon over the Busselton Jetty

At this time of the year the moon rises far enough north that it rises over the base of the Busselton jetty when viewed from a vantage point on the beach about 5 kilometres to the west. This year there was a supermoon, and lots of smoke from controlled burns in the area. I was trying to get the jetty silhoutted in the moon, but low cloud prevented me from getting that shot. This will do though.


Now I have to wait another year to try again.

For those interested – the reason I went 5 kms from the jetty for the shot is because the moon stays the same size no matter where you view it from. The jetty gets smaller when you view it from a long way away. Put the two together and the moon looks enormous compared to the jetty.

Pt Picquet whale watching

This morning the humpbacks were performing quite well. This pod were playing a couple of hundred metres out.

Tail slaps

Dolphins surfing

I had a pleasant afternoon photographing the Sandpatches dolphins. The afternoon sun backlights the waves beautifully. Afterwards I called into Pt Picquet and saw a blue whale go past. All in all a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.




Humpbacks everywhere

There were lots of humpbacks in Geographe Bay today, some in close and some quite active. I missed a double breach (very spectacular – two whales close together leaping out of the water in unison), but to photograph something like that you need a lot of luck. If the camera is not pointing at the right spot at the right time it is all over. However I got a lot of shots I am pleased with. Here are some of them.




Playing around



And to finish the day this Blue Whale went past. Photos never do justice to these awesome mammals – the largest thing that has ever lived. In this shot you can only see about 25% of the length of the whale – it is moving to the left, and its head is underwater. The back 2/3rds of the body is also underwater.

Blue whale

Beautiful Bunker Bay

The last few days (and more to come) have seen glorious weather in this part of the world. Blue skies, fluffy white clouds, white sandy beaches, turquoise water and beautiful orange-red rock formations make this area a great place to live or visit.


Whale Watching

I went out again on Geographe Maritime’s Kerra Lyn. It is a great boat for photographers. Today the conditions were idyllic. Just one problem. No whales. Our skipper John persevered and we went out a long way before we sighted this pod. No breaching today but I still got some shots I really like. This one is one of my favourite whale shots.


In case you are wondering the humpback is going away from me, and the thing on the top of his back is the dorsal fin.

Canal Rocks early morning sun

Sunday morning. I like trying to capture the water movement in the canal. There is always some experimentation necessary to get the right exposure as too long an exposure gives a total “whiteout” as the foam moves through the canal. It depends on the wave conditions breaking into the canal. This shot was taken as the suns rays began to hit the rocks.

Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks


I went out to Wyadup with Mark Stothard yesterday. A bit wet and windy, but an enjoyable couple of hours. I liked this shot as it looks like a painting!