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Iron men

The Ironman series held a heat at Smiths beach today. The conditions were rough and windy. They had set up all the barriers last night, but they got washed away. This morning they delayed the start 2 hours to let the conditions ease. These guys are tough – swim, surf skis, paddle a surfboard, and then repeat until I lost count of how many laps they did! The surf skis were the hardest part – they got tossed around in the breaking surf. Very tough on those who were leading, and then their ski got washed back to shore.
This series is extremely well organised (and funded). There were three helicopters and 6 jetskis, two rubber duckies and plenty of lifeguards around all vantage points checking on all competitors.
Smiths Beach Ironman

The fisherman

The fishermanI saw this Osprey as I was coming home last night. He was circling, and riding the thermals. I didn’t realise at the time that he had a fish, and I thought he was hunting. I’m guessing he was trying to gain height for the flight back to his nest – I have photographed an Opsrey previously in this area with a large fish in his claws.


I went to an old favourite beach today – one of the prettiest parts of the Cape to Cape Walk. On the way in the wildfires are stunning – a legacy of the bushfires. This is a view of the beach – glorious white sands.


Cape Naturaliste

The humpback having fun in the previous image was doing it out to sea a few hundred metres in the left of this image. The water is 30-50m deep here making it more likely the whales will breach (perhaps to celebrate the rounding of Cape Naturaliste – a milestone on their journey south). Cape Naturaliste is the western limit of Geographe Bay.
I was recently asked if the early settlers were naturalists or something similar. The questioner was referring to the names. Not so. The Naturaliste and the Geographe were the names of Nicholas Baudins two ships when he visited the area in 1804 (the first settlement in Western Australia was in 1829). Baudin’s visit explains the French names along the coast in this area.