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Full moon rising over the BSN Jetty

With the help of a program called TPE (free on a Windows computer) I was able to position myself to take this shot last night. I was 4km from the jetty looking across the bay. I went down to the beach, set up my camera pointing at this scene and waited in the darkness. People walking along the beach wondered what I was doing (until after the moon rose!).

The reason the moon appears so large is that I was so far away from the jetty and the jetty appears small. The moon doesn’t change in size so it appears large in comparison. Last night was the only night for quite a while the moon will rise at a position where I could take this shot – from now on it will rise too far south and appear over the land.
Full Moon at Busselton

Bay OK

This is known as the “Little Planet” format. There are a number of ways to achieve this, some complicated, others not quite so. The first step is to take a 360 degree panorama. I recall this image as having 2 rows of 13 images. Each image was a blend of around 5 exposures. The resultant panorama is resized to a square format and turned upside down. Then you use the Photoshop rectangulat to polar coordinate conversion and this is the result.  (If you dont turn it upside down, then the sky will wind up in the centre).

This image won GeoCatch’s Bay OK competition probably because it captures many of the features of Geographe Bay – the jetty, the Busselton Foreshore, the swimming platform, the water, and on the right you can see the coast to Cape Naturaliste (probably not on the screen, but the full size image shows it). I was playing around with this technique when GeoCatch announced their competion. There were some very, very good entries but they generally showed one feature of the bay.

Busselton Jetty dawn

Busselton Jetty at dawn

Busselton Jetty at dawn

Busselton Jetty Dawn

The earlier post does not show the jetty very well. This shot taken 2 days later in the predawn glow shows the jetty better. It is multiple images stitched together. Each of the images used in the stitch was a blend of multiple shots taken at different exposures to retain the colors which are generally most dramatic in the underexposed shots.

Busselton Jetty reopening

Fireworks at the Busselton Jetty Opening

The Busselton Jetty had fallen into a state of disrepair, and the 2km jetty was declared unsafe some years ago. When a Busselton boy became WA Treasurer the money was found to rebuild the jetty again. It was reopened to the public on the 5th February 2011.

This image is approximately 5 seconds exposure. I selected this vantage point to show the fireworks in the context of the jetty, the small swimming platform, and the banners which would be used next day at the end of the Busselton Jetty swim.