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New Year dolphins


Over the Xmas – New Year period I have not had time to see the dolphins but today they were at Sandpatcheshaving fun in some good surf.


Dolphins surfing

I had a pleasant afternoon photographing the Sandpatches dolphins. The afternoon sun backlights the waves beautifully. Afterwards I called into Pt Picquet and saw a blue whale go past. All in all a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.




Dolphins (again!).

Another perfect day. Sunshine, surf and dolphins feeding in the surf.Surfing




Dolphins at Sandpatches

I frequently go out to Sugarloaf Rocks and check to see if the dolphins in the bay north of Sugarloaf (called Sandpatches) are there.
It seems to be a pod that are resident in that bay, and they love to surf. When there are reasonable sized waves (2m) often you will see the whole pod surfing. They ride the wave in close to the shore break, then do a tumble turn and leap out of the back of the wave. Today was typical.





Dolphin athletics

Here are some photos of the dolphins playing in the surf.

There were 20-30 dolphins in the pod. This is some of them.

There were 20-30 dolphins in the pod.

Beautiful. The light was perfect.

Beautiful. The light was perfect.

The dolphins leap out of the back of the wave at the end of a surfing manoevre. While surfing they suddenly dive and come back under their previous track. Then they come up. I think the wave motion helps lift them out of the air.


The water was very clear.

The water was very clear.

A crowded wave

A crowded wave

It is incredible how high they can leap.

It is incredible how high they can leap.

Tube of the day!

Tube of the day!

Everybody is doing it!

Everybody is doing it!

Dolphins hunting at Sandpatches

I went out to Sandpatches today. My favourite pod of dolphins were busy chasing salmon. I first saw them close in, but when I went down to the rocks to photograph them they moved north, so I was photographing these at around 2km distance. Today they were very active, with as many as 6-7 leaping out of each wave. There were some complete loop the loops as well! Wonderful stuff.

The conditions were great for photography. After a rain shower, the sun appeared in the distance and provided some great light.

360 with half twist

360 with half twist

_DSC4370Notice the fisherman on the rocks in the background!

Dolphins surfing Yallingup mainbreak.

Dolphins at Yallingup
I always enjoy taking these sort of shots. For anyone who wants to take similar shots the only advice I can give is to spend hours at the beach!