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Dolphins at Sandpatches

I frequently go out to Sugarloaf Rocks and check to see if the dolphins in the bay north of Sugarloaf (called Sandpatches) are there.
It seems to be a pod that are resident in that bay, and they love to surf. When there are reasonable sized waves (2m) often you will see the whole pod surfing. They ride the wave in close to the shore break, then do a tumble turn and leap out of the back of the wave. Today was typical.





Yallingup Sunday

It is winter, and there is quite a swell coming in from the west. I went down for a cup of coffee and was quite taken by the effect of the spray off the ocean as you look north towards Sugarloaf Rocks.
Sea spray

Dolphins hunting

These dolphins were hunting small baitfish just north of Sugarloaf Rocks today. It was great to watch them (in 40+ heat – I found a place in the shade to take these shots from!)

Sugarloaf in B/W

The image of Sugarloaf Rocks in the storm I posted a few days ago did not convey the feeling of being there very well – I think this was because the sun was shining through a gap in the clouds and everything looked pretty nice. It was actually blowing a gale, there were big seas and it was threatening to rain. So I reworked the image in black and white and I think this better conveys the sense and power of the storm.
Sugarloaf Storm

Sugarloaf waves

It seems winter is dragging on forever. This last storm has some of the strongest winds and biggest swells of the winter. For those unfamiliar with Sugarloaf Rocks, the main rock is at least 25 metres high, probably more. Sugarloaf Rock
It was hard to stand still to take the shot – every time a gust of wind hit, you were forced backwards!

Dolphins at Windmills

Windmills is the name of the surf break just north of Sugarloaf Rock. There were several large groups chasing small fish. Whenever a nice wave appeared they all went for a surf.

A crowded wave

A crowded wave



Dolphins hunting

This morning over 100 dolphins were hunting in a bay just north of Sugarloaf Rock. They were well organised, and herded schools of fish towards the shore before attacking them. When they were close to shore they often burst out of the back of the surf leaping high into the air. Here are some examples.
Dolphins 1Synchronised swimmers
More dolphinsAnd more