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Big Daddy’s

Here is the ultimate place for a photographer to eat in New York. A 1950’s style hamburger joint. The colors are amazing. If you can’t take a good photograph here, then enjoy the burgers! They are around 2nd Ave and East 86th St, but they are also on the Internet.

_DSC6119-20 _DSC6166-20 Big Daddy's

Ground Zero

I have just returned from a trip to the US which took in New York and New Orleans. It was a fabulous trip, and there were many photographic opportunities. We visited the memorial at Ground Zero one morning. It was quite a moving experience. The memorial and museum has been done really well – very respectful. Here are some images.The museum entranceThe museum entrance.

A fire truck damaged by falling debris.
A fire engine damaged by falling debris.
The pillar is the last beam salvaged, “graffittied” by the recovery teams to mark the occasion. This is down in the bottom level of excavation. You can see the foundations here. The wall with the knobs poking out is protecting the foundations from the Hudson River. The knobs are the ends of rods that tie this wall to bedrock.