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Advantages of a wet windy wintry Sunday.

Today was wet, cold (by Dunsborough standards), and at times windy. I went out to Pt Picquet to get out of the house and was rewarded by seeing a humpback whale and calf go past only 100m out from the shore. Nice, but no photos – it was raining and they didn’t put much above the surface. Still it was good to see as it is the start of the annual southern migration. Then the sun came out, and I got this double rainbow.


Then I went out on the west coast. I got some dolphin surfing shots, but there are many better on this blog, so I won’t post them. It is always nice to see them though. On my way home I met this guy – he wasn’t at all concerned I was close by. I love the red colour of the rocks – it is caused by a lichen that grows on the rocks.


After that I saw some Southern Right Whales just south of Cape Naturaliste. Too far away to photograph.

All in all a pretty nice wet wintry Sunday.

Surfing with the Humpbacks

I got this shot of some surfers at Pt Picquet this afternoon. The humpback in the background was one of four I saw in an hour. Humpback at Pt Picquet.

Pt Picquet

Pt Picquet

Pt Picquet

This is one of my favourite places on the local coast.

What a Good Saturday!

After a couple of months of nonexistent temperatures (doesn’t 0 = nothing?) it is a joy to warm up again. This Easter is heading towards one of the best I can recall, weather is perfect (Definition of perfect weather = 28 Max temp, overnight cool enough to sleep well, light winds, low humidity, just enough clouds to make photography interesting). So here is an image that illustrates this. Well OK both clouds were behind me! Gannett Rock from Pt Picquet with a yacht blocking the view!
Easter perfection

Eagle Bay from Pt Picquet

There were strong winds from the NE this morning, and it was creating very rough conditions in Geographe Bay (well – very rough for Geographe Bay!). I normally fish off the big rock that now looks like an island. If you compare this to the image at the top of this page, this was taken from a position to the right of the top image looking towards the left. There is no beach at the moment.

Eagle Bay from Pt Picquet

Eagle Bay from Pt Picquet

Pt Picquet Sunset

Yesterday started out fine but in the afternoon a line of dark cloud and rain came over. It was clearing by late afternoon, and it looked promising for a good sunset. Conditions were difficult, with squalls coming through.

This is the result.

Pt Picquet sunset

Pt Picquet sunset

The first shot was taken just before sunset and the second after.

Storm clouds over Pt Picquet

Storm clouds over Pt Picquet

Pt Picquet

This image won a trip for two to Broome in a West Australian Newspaper travel photo competition. It was taken at Pt Picquet, near Dunsborough. The red on the rocks is a lichen.

Picquet was a lieutenant on one of explorer Baudin’s ships. At the time Baudin visited here (around 1800), Picquet was regarded by Baudin as “a likeable fellow”. By the time the journey ended Picquet was in disgrace, probably more by irration caused by people being in confined spaces on the ship for long periods. Picquet drew his sword on Baudin, and faced courtmartial, but was saved by the fact that Baudin died before he reached France and the other officers wouldn’t testify against Picquet.

This isĀ  the best fishing spot for herring between Dunsborough and Cape Naturaliste.


The “header” image is taken at the same spot, but at the end of summer when the sand has built up.