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Please enjoy my images which are mostly from the Cape to Cape region in the South West of Western Australia (from Busselton to Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin). Please feel free to comment on any of these images.



White Faced Heron

He was in Toby’s Inlet – next to signs warning of the poor water quality. We need some rain to flush these waterways.

Some dolphins and the moon

Not in the same shot! I went to Sugarloaf Rocks this afternoon and found these dolphins hunting close to shore. They get so close to the short they have to leap out of the back of the waves to avoid being dumped on the rocks. Unfortunately they didn’t come back to my end of the bay, so this shot was taken at a long distance.
Dolphins hunting

On my way home I noticed the full moon was rising and stopped for this shot at Pt Picquet.
Full moon at Pt Picquet

Sunset Abstracts

I was at Triggs Beach last night. I tried the usual sunsets and long exposures, but I couldn’t help noticing the beautiful copper tones the setting sun was making in the wet sand.
Sunset 1Sunset 2Sunset 3Sunset 4Sunset 5A broader view

Every wave leaves a different pattern, and it is fun just sitting on a rock, dodging the waves and taking shots trying to get better images with each shot.

Dolphins surfing Yallingup mainbreak.

Dolphins at Yallingup
I always enjoy taking these sort of shots. For anyone who wants to take similar shots the only advice I can give is to spend hours at the beach!

Yallingup Beach

Its hard to think of a better place to go to in the morning to enjoy a cup of coffee looking out over the lagoon and surf break. Yallingup is regarded as the birthplace of surfing in the South West. Many of those who pioneered surfing in this area in the 50s and 60s have subsequently retired to this area and surf this area daily. Yallingup
In this image I was trying to capture an image that was instantly recognisable as Yallingup, and these trees in the foreground are the essence of Yallingup.

Night time visitor

We have had a nightly visitor for a few weeks. He doesn’t like being seen, but last night I managed to photograph him. Fox

Sugarloaf Rocks when photographers take over.

A friend who I hadn’t seen for many years came down last weekend. It turns out he was a keen photographer, so I suggested an early morning shoot at Sugarloaf Rocks. I could hear his wife laughing in the car when I suggested it, but Jim thought it would be a good idea (he did actually want to go to Sugarloaf).

We arrived early (well… before sunrise and at this time of the year that is early!). But the carpark was full. It turned out Christian Fletcher was running a course and they were all out at Sugarloaf Rocks. There were photographers on every rock, every little potential foreground feature and every leading line. They had taken all the clouds, rearranged them and there were non left for the rest of us. At least Christian agreed not to charge us for being there!

Sugarloaf Rocks can be spectacular when the sky is right, at other times you have to work harder. This is the best I could do, but I enjoyed being there with an old friend.Sugarloaf Rocks  in the morning.


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