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Wubin Rocks Everlastings

This image is typical of the West Australian Wildflower scenery – masses of everlastings – pink, white, yellow.



This image was taken at Wubin Rocks, just north of Wubin. Wubin has had a below average rainfall this winter and scenes like this were hard to find this far inland.


As I went on a trip to photograph wildflowers, it is appropriate I post some wildflower photos. For anyone contemplating a similar trip, I recommend the coastal areas – apparently inland they have not had enough rain, and the wildflowers are relatively scarce. Places to visit are the Chapman Valley, Mullewa, Coalseam National Park, Tardun. Ring the local Tourist Bureaus to get the best information. This photo was taken on the Wubin to Paynes Find road – from about 30-60km out of Paynes Find seems to be the best place.



Gunyidi-Wubin Rd – sunrise in lake

I have just completed a 3 day tour around the West Australian Wildflower regions. Day 1 was raining, and I got an early start on Day 2, leaving Watheroo. I wanted to catch a sunrise at a nice location, but was not hopeful as it was dark and I didn’t know the area. At the last moment I saw a white area to the side and stopped. I found a salt lake with water in it. There was fog all around,and I put fog, water,lake,sunrise together – it made for a good photo. One small problem – salt lakes in western Australia usually have lots of mud, and this was no exception, Fortunately I had a pair of gum boots in the car and with them on I was able to walk out in the lake and wait for the sunrise. This is the result – straight out of the camera – all I have done is stitch the image. Now all I have to do is get the mud off the gum boots!

Gunyidi - Wubin Rd Sunrise

Gunyidi – Wubin Rd Sunrise