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Margaret River Classic surf competition

I went down to Margaret River to watch the last session of the Margaret River Classic. Although the surf wasn’t massive, there was enough for the competitors to display their skills. The standard of surfing at Margaret River is very high, and it is great to see them doing 360 turns, and aerial manoeuvres that defy gravity.

It was also a good opportunity to test my new lens (the Nikon 80-400 with the 1.4 TC). A very impressive combination for this sort of photography.

















Margaret River Drug Aware Pro surfing competition

I went down to Surfers Point to have a look this morning. In between the showers I got this shot of the crowd, and the surf – 10-12 ft, and probably going to get bigger before the competition is over. There was a crowd of probably 4-500, and growing rapidly. The car park went from half full to full while I was there.


Margaret River Surfing Competition

Margaret River Surfing Competition

I decided to stick with the landscape shot, and leave the closeups of the surfers to the guys with the monster lenses on that platform at the bottom RHS of the image.