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The Fisherman

This Osprey had a good catch – I would have been proud of that fish. He was taking it home – I am surprised he could carry a weight like that.

Seafood dinner

He was heading past Castle Rock towards Dunsborough. He must have a nest somewhere there.

Geike Gorge

While in Fitzroy we went for a boat trip in the Geike Gorge. Apparently Geike was the boss of the geologist who discovered the gorge. There are some rumours that the name may change to an indigenous name more appropriate.

It pays to get up early and get the first boat ride of the day while the water is still glassed over.

These rocks are part of the Devonian Reef – the same barrier reef that Tunnel Creek goes through.

Geike Gorge

Geike Gorge

The river is the same Fitzroy river that I have recently posted images of.