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The Olden Days

Its been a while since I saw one of these! The driver was training the young horse. This was taken at Moses Rock.

Checking out the surf at Moses Rock

Checking out the surf at Moses Rock

Moses Rock is often thought to be the name of one of the rock formations on the beach. However Moses was an aboriginal farm worker who looked after the sheep in a nearby farm. Moses used to sit on a rock in the middle of the paddock so he could see all the sheep. Moses Rock is actually inland!


Surfers at Moses Rock

I have been trying to get a shot of dolphins surfing for a while. This morning I got lucky. I was at Moses Rock, and there had been dolphins earlier. They were feeding offshore and a school went past. Then a pair of dolphins decided to go for a surf. They picked the same wave as a surfer was about to catch – he got quite a fright initially! I am sure they deliberately picked that wave – perhaps to show him how it was done.

Surfing Dolphins

Surfing dolphins

Synchronised surfing

Synchronised surfing