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Whale playtime

I went down to Wyadup this evening to try for a shot with the stars in the sky. However when I got there there were about 20 whales going past. They appeared to be a lot of humpback calves and a few mums. The calves were having fun practising breaching. (I will post the result of the star shots later).

Wyadup Whales

Wyadup Whales

These are magnificent creatures. When I went to school in this area we never saw whales. They were killed before they got past Albany. Eventually whaling ceased, but only when the estimated number of whales (probably humpbacks) left was less than the whaling company’s annual catch. In other words if they hadn’t stopped then they probably would have within a couple of months due to lack of whales. It is fantastic to be able to see the numbers increasing each year, and just to be able to go down to the coast and see sights like this. I hope they never again get hunted to the brink of extinction.