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Osprey nursery

I went down to Kilcarnup where there is alarge Osprey nest. Each year I have been there a pair of Ospreys have been there and they raise 2-3 chicks each time. They normally leave the nest around October, so this time they were well and truly out. THis year I think they have had 3 chicks. The mother was feeding the other bird in the nest. I am pretty sure the pair of Osprey outside the nest were young chicks waiting for dad to return home. (These Osprey have nothing to do with the Osprey in the previous post).

Mother and chick

I saw one of these birds feeding the other earlier so I am assuming one is the mother. It is hard to tell from the size though.

Two chicks.

They must be nearly ready to leave home.

I was hoping they would go for a quick flight, but all they did was look at me.