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Dolphins surfing

I had a pleasant afternoon photographing the Sandpatches dolphins. The afternoon sun backlights the waves beautifully. Afterwards I called into Pt Picquet and saw a blue whale go past. All in all a great way to spend a Tuesday afternoon.




Whale Watching

I went out again on Geographe Maritime’s Kerra Lyn. It is a great boat for photographers. Today the conditions were idyllic. Just one problem. No whales. Our skipper John persevered and we went out a long way before we sighted this pod. No breaching today but I still got some shots I really like. This one is one of my favourite whale shots.


In case you are wondering the humpback is going away from me, and the thing on the top of his back is the dorsal fin.

Sandpatches Dolphin Games

The dolphins have been away from their home base at Sandpatches for a few days, but today they were back. The surf was ideal and I spent a very enjoyable couple of hours photographing them. There were a lot of tourists watching.

Dolphins leaping

Advantages of a wet windy wintry Sunday.

Today was wet, cold (by Dunsborough standards), and at times windy. I went out to Pt Picquet to get out of the house and was rewarded by seeing a humpback whale and calf go past only 100m out from the shore. Nice, but no photos – it was raining and they didn’t put much above the surface. Still it was good to see as it is the start of the annual southern migration. Then the sun came out, and I got this double rainbow.


Then I went out on the west coast. I got some dolphin surfing shots, but there are many better on this blog, so I won’t post them. It is always nice to see them though. On my way home I met this guy – he wasn’t at all concerned I was close by. I love the red colour of the rocks – it is caused by a lichen that grows on the rocks.


After that I saw some Southern Right Whales just south of Cape Naturaliste. Too far away to photograph.

All in all a pretty nice wet wintry Sunday.

Dolphins (again!).

Another perfect day. Sunshine, surf and dolphins feeding in the surf.Surfing




Dolphins at Sandpatches

I frequently go out to Sugarloaf Rocks and check to see if the dolphins in the bay north of Sugarloaf (called Sandpatches) are there.
It seems to be a pod that are resident in that bay, and they love to surf. When there are reasonable sized waves (2m) often you will see the whole pod surfing. They ride the wave in close to the shore break, then do a tumble turn and leap out of the back of the wave. Today was typical.





Southern Right Whale calf

I have been looking out for Southern Right Whales lately. It has been about 10 days since there were any around in the western end of Geographe Bay. Last night 2 adults and a 3 metre calf (very young) showed up at Meelup. The calf was very active, and they moved off towards Pt Picquet. A boat which had been anchored started up and followed them. They immediately went into “stealth mode” and only surfaced briefly every few minutes. When the boat moved off the calf began playing – leaping out of the water continuously. They were at times less than 10m offshore. As they rounded Pt Picquet the sun was setting and I got this shot of the calf in the golden light.
Here are some more shots of the calf. _DSC8190-1
The next two were taken after sunset, necessitating slower shutter speeds and high ISO. _DSC8214-1