Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia


NDMES (Miniature trains)

The Northern Districts Model Engineering Society have premises at Vasto Place, Balcatta. On the last Sunday of each month they are open to the public to raise funds. They have a miniature railroad, and members provide rides to the public. I recommend it to anyone wanting to entertain children and adults – they have picnic facilities in the grounds.

Miniature trains

Miniature trains

Karri Tree

This tree came down in the recent storm, and had to be cut off the road. I liked the pattern of the log that was left behind.

Karri log

Karri log

Welcome to my blog

Welcome to my photography blog. I am a photographer living in the South West of Western Australia at the northern end of the Margaret River Wine Region. This area has magnificent beaches, wineries, forest, caves, breweries, galleries etc, and living in the area provides me with opportunities to create images through photography that showcase the area. But there is not much point in creating these images, and printing copies which only close friends see. Hence the blog.

I would like to thank Ian Wiese for making this possible. This may seem strange, but when I tried to register the username ianwiese I found it was already in use!. Some detective work revealed that a photographer in Pt Elizabeth, South Africa named Ian Wiese had already registered the username, but hadn’t made use of it. I phoned him, and guess what – he is a nice guy, but with a name like that what would you expect. The conversation went like this. ”

Hello – is that Ian Wiese”

“Yes who is speaking?”

“This is Ian Wiese.”

I expect you can see the difficulty especially when there are different accents, and pronunciations of the surname involved.  However Ian Wiese quickly agreed to let me use my (and his) name.

You can see his photography here


Injidup dawn

Injidup Beach from Cape Clairault sand dunes

This image was taken from the sand dunes at Cape Clairault, looking back towards Injidup Beach. The trees were lit with flash. It is a single row stitch of 5 images. Each image was a blended image from a series of photos taken at different exposures. This technique allows me to extract the maximum amount of the color of the early morning skies.


This image received a bronze award in the 2010 Landscape 500 competition.

Cape Clairault

During late autumn there are usually fogs in the lower lying areas of the vineyards of the Margaret River region. This image is a multiple image stitch (2 rows, approximately 5 images in each row).

The autumn leaves, fog, red rays of the sunrise and the Marri trees in the foreground combine to create an image that is more like a painting than a photograph.

UPDATE: 2013. This image has appeared on the front cover of a magazine – State of the Future produced by the Department of Commerce, Western Australia.