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More New York images

This post has a variety of images. Firstly – some more building shots.


When visiting New York it is essential to use the subway. Usually you use it to get from Point A to Point B, but this chap found another use.
I wonder what the hands on the hips was about? Perhaps it was the wrong train.
I liked these shots of people on another platform.
Manhattan Rooftops. This first shot was of an apartment on the roof of another building. This was taken from our apartment.
A rooftop party.
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A sign I liked._DSC5875-1
The view from our apartment at night.
Street Photography_DSC6719-26

New York Skyscrapers

Skyscrapers should scrape the sky. These seem to fit the bill.

However just scraping the sky is not the only criteria. Architecture should be interesting.



New is not always better than old. _DSC5824-5

Big Daddy’s

Here is the ultimate place for a photographer to eat in New York. A 1950’s style hamburger joint. The colors are amazing. If you can’t take a good photograph here, then enjoy the burgers! They are around 2nd Ave and East 86th St, but they are also on the Internet.

_DSC6119-20 _DSC6166-20 Big Daddy's

Nannup Festival

Nannup has a festival at this time of the year. Lots of tulips in the main street, craft shops, and the historical society have a great collection of old photos. The place I like best is an antique shop that is an old shed packed to the rafters with everything (and I mean everything). Bargain Hunt would do well to base an episode on this shop.
Nannup Antique Shed

Paris street scene

Just going through my Paris shots. I liked this building at the time and still find myself looking in the windows to see who is working late! Also I like the cobblestones in the road. The bottom floor is a Peugot dealership – they obviously go to great lengths to display the cars.
Paris street

From a hotel window

Sometimes the hotel has amazing views, but more often you wind up in a room at the back of the hotel overlooking a rather drab outlook. However it always seems there is a window that may prove interesting, or a stairway that seems superfluous.

Room with a view.

Room with a view.

Paddington view

Paddington view

One thing about shots from a hotel room – you don’t have to go far to take the shot! Lazy photography!

Pastie and Hot Drink $4.49

I have been going back through my images from the UK in Jan/Feb. This was taken in Paddington station, London (after the security guard gave permission – trust me!). The temperature was around zero with snow flurries outside. In this image I liked the travellers outside. The man struggling with his luggage (in a hurry) and also the man with the green bag (in no apparent hurry) caught my eye. But I keep keep getting drawn to the warmth (or appearance of warmth!) inside the shops. The magnificent roof towers above and I found the roof of the station incredibly interesting (I posted an earlier image of the roof of Paddington station).

Ok – it was 4.49 Pounds not dollars but I haven’t worked out how to insert a pound sign yet.