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Kilcarnup Beach


I went to an old favourite beach today – one of the prettiest parts of the Cape to Cape Walk. On the way in the wildfires are stunning – a legacy of the bushfires. This is a view of the beach – glorious white sands.


More at Kilcarnup

These were from the same shoot as the last one.
Kilcarnup storm
Kilcarnup smoothie!
In this second image the water flows very fast into this little bay. If you drop something in there it is gone forever!
Another exampleHere is another example.
The stormy setting made for some interesting images – enjoyable until the rain came.


I went to Kilcarnup with Mark Stothard this morning. It had been raining solidly all night, but we saw on the radar that the southern edge of the rain band was level with Kilcarnup, so it was worth a try. There were a couple of showers early but we managed about 90 minutes before we saw a solid band of very black cloud from horizon to horizon. At that point we gave up and headed back to the car in the rain. Here is one of my efforts. A winters morning at Kilcarnup

Kilcarnup magic

The afternoon I first saw Kilcarnup beach was unforgettable. This is one of the prettiest beaches along the Cape to Cape trail. The day we came here the wind was dead calm, the tide was out and people were standing out on the reef 100m from shore. Around the headland are a series of small bays surrounded by limestone cliffs. One of the bays has several small limestone outcrops and on one their is an Osprey nest. Apparently they nest each year, and the young hatch around October. They seem to build up the nest each year and it is now a massive size.

Access to the beach is by 4WD only, or by walking from the mouth of the Margaret River (not possible in winter), or by walking in from the north.