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The fisherman

I was busy taking photos of humpback whales when this Osprey decided to go fishing in front of me.




Rebuilding after the Margaret River bushfires

At Kilcarnup there was an Osprey nest that had been built up over many years. Each year I visited Kilcarnup and could photograph the proud parents with their chicks. You can see images of the Ospreys in earlier posts. After the Margaret River bushfires, the nest was abandoned and I was disappointed that I couldn’t see these magnificent birds at Kilcarnup. I visited the nest a few weeks ago, and it was in a state of disrepair. The day I visited the weather was dreadful and I didn’t bother to look around. However I was told that the Osprey’s were building a new nest, so today I went to see. There were 3 Osprey in the area that I could see. The new nest has a long way to go before it reaches the size of the old one, but it is a good start. ┬áThe new nest is about 500m from the old ones on Cape Mentelle.

Ospreys rebuilding a nest abandoned after the Margaret River bushfires.

Ospreys rebuilding a nest abandoned after the Margaret River bushfires.


White Faced Heron

He was in Toby’s Inlet – next to signs warning of the poor water quality. We need some rain to flush these waterways.

The fisherman

The fishermanI saw this Osprey as I was coming home last night. He was circling, and riding the thermals. I didn’t realise at the time that he had a fish, and I thought he was hunting. I’m guessing he was trying to gain height for the flight back to his nest – I have photographed an Opsrey previously in this area with a large fish in his claws.

There is such a thing as a free ride.

We often see this Willy Wagtail on the back of the kangaroos who visit us. I think he must be eating their ticks, so they seem to tolerate him. Free Ride It is currently raining, and these two are soaking wet.

One good tern deserves another

I like the textures in the timber.
A good turn

Some old friends

I am reasonably sure I have photographed this pair of Spoonbills before. They inhabit the wetlands around Busselton. They are lovely birds and very photogenic.