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Archive for April 7, 2017

Tourist taking his 2yo swimming at Bunker Bay this morning.

I was using my drone to record video of a bronze whaler that was swimming along the beach. I didn’t see this tourist swimming until I watched the video at home afterwards. This image is a still grabbed from the video and then cropped severely – I only just got the tourist in the frame. I can see he has a young child in his arms! He is completely unaware of the presence of the shark.

The shark is probably a bronze whaler about 2m long. It seems to initially be attracted towards the swimmer, but when it gets closer it turns away swimming fast until it is well past the swimmer, then it comes inshore again. The shark looks bigger than it is because of the wide angle lens of the drone exaggerating the size of foreground objects. My guess is that the shark got to within 10m of the swimmer.