Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Some sharks, some risk takers and what a beautiful beach

Continuing on in the shark theme. I went back to Wyadup this morning to see if the salmon and shark activity was repeated. It was. There were some surfers (paddle boarder, body boarder and board surfers) out. At the same time I saw 15 – 20 sharks (bronze whalers – 2m) although it was probably 5 sharks repeatedly visiting the area. The paddle boarder at one stage used his paddle to scare the sharks away, at other times he paddled towards the sharks for a better look. The sharks were timid and moved away when any of the surfers approached them. However at times the sharks came in close into the white water where visibility was low.

Bad shark, naughty shark. The shark is slightly to the right of the surfer who is splashing with his paddle to get the shark to move away.

_DSC1285 Later he gains confidence and paddles towards several sharks in close proximity. I am not sure he was aware of them all or that there was a school of salmon nearby.

Moving on. Rock fishing is a (the most) dangerous sport. They say you should not fish from wet rocks like this.


5 minute later I took this shot. That is the tip of his rod you can see._DSC1385

This is a stunningly beautiful beach.


OK some shark shots – I have lots to choose from.


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  1. Amazing!

    April 4, 2017 at 8:43 pm

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