Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Plan D

Plan A was to go to Kilcarnup for a night shoot, and even included getting there early to scout out the best locations.
Things started going wrong early – confusion between Adelaide Rd, Dunsborough and a GPS which insisted on Adelaide St, Busselton. They still didn’t improve when someone (me) forgot to pack my camera and we had to backtrack. Mark Stothard drove down from Perth, and Mark, Paul Pitchugin and myself went down to the start of the Kilcarnup track where we were met by a ranger who informed us the track was closed. Apparently a humpback whale died and was being buried with an excavator.

So we went elsewhere – to Goanna’s (between Moses Rock and Honeycomb beach). We were met by Christian Fletcher and Tony Hewitt. There was some pretty big surf around and there were as many different styles of images as there were photographers. It was fun. Here are a couple of mine.
Land of milk and honey
The low, almost setting sun and a slow shutter speed accentuated the patterns of the foam.
Light paintingThis sort of shot has all sorts of possibilities. You can isolate individual features such as rocks as separate layers, delete the black surrounds and then rearrange the landscape as you like! Deleting the black surrounds allows you to place rocks behind each other over the background. And the darkness hides most of the editing errors! Don’t go looking for this place because you won’t find it from this photograph.

All in all – it was a lot of fun.

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