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What to photograph on a cloudless morning?

Answer: Find a limestone cliff that faces the rising sun. This one is about 3km west (towards Cape Naturaliste) from Bunker Bay. The cave is natural even though it doesn’t look it because of the square shape. (I have been trying for this shot for a while now. It can only be taken for about 3 months in the middle of winter because in the rest of the year the sun rises so far south it is behind the cliff. You need a calm day to make it easier to get there and also so the water shows the reflections of the colors of the sun. A low tide helps as well). When all the photography planets are aligned, you still need to wake up early enough to be there when the sun rises above the horizon. Cloudless days are normally cold and this morning was no exception. The bonus today was that I saw about 20 seals swimming around. The seal colony is on the low lying rocks at the RH edge of the image.
Limestone Cliffs at Bunker Bay