Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Local enjoying the beach at Meelup

This is a beautiful much photographed beach. This afternoon I spotted a local enjoying it. She was completely unfazed by my presence and allowed me to get up close.

Local at Meelup

Local at Meelup

This was an enjoyable evening – I was on my way to Pt Picquet to catch a salmon (which I did). Last year no salmon got this far north but this year we are enjoying a return of the salmon. A couple of days ago I found a small school in “Grannie’s Pool” at Yallingup. I didn’t have my rod, so got a fisherman up the beach interested, and he wound up catching enough to give one to me and a friend. As we were taking them home we were accosted by an elderly Japanese couple who wanted my photo with the fish. I said no – and placed a salmon in the man’s hand and said “Take a photo of your husband”. My friend with the other salmon put it in his other hand and another friend put his fishing rod next to the man. So the lady got a photo of her husband with all the fishing gear and one salmon in each hand. I think they will remember their trip to Yallingup for a long time. (For those who don’t know an Australian salmon is about 80cm long and weighs 4kg – a respectable fish).

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