Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Whale tales

Southern Right Whales

Southern Right Whales

These have been confirmed as Southern Right Whales. The mid sized one is possibly a calf from a couple of seasons ago. The interesting thing about this photo is that the large whale – the mother – is upside down. She is upside down in most of the shots I have of her so apparently she doesn’t care too much about up or down.

In this next image this is the middle sized whale. It was drifting along in the current not looking where it was going. It ran aground – and suddenly made a violent turn out to see. You can see the sand it churned up as it took off. You can also see the V-shaped “blow” that is a characteristic of the Southern Right Whale.

What happens when you aren't looking where you are going.

What happens when you aren’t looking where you are going.

This final image is just a nice peaceful scene with the whales in the foreground.
Little Meelup

Little Meelup

The whale watching season is in full swing in Geographe Bay at the moment. Yesterday a humpback being watched by the whale watching charter boat decided to start breaching and he continued to do this for nearly an hour – breaching around 25 times in a row. The people on the boat certainly got there money’s worth. There have been some sightings of blue whales as well.


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