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Southern Right Whales

This is a slight diversion from the Kimberley! I took this shot yesterday of 3 Southern Right Whales in Geographe Bay just off Castle Rock. I was up on top of the rock and waited for them to come past. As they went past Dad got a bit frisky and turned and fronted Mum, then span around. They locked flippers (I guess the whale equivalent of walking arm in arm!). The calf got caught between them and here you can see the calf’s tale in the air as it tries to get out.

I am not an expert on whales, but these seem to fit the descriptions of Southern Right whales – they are very large (the mother is around 50 foot long – 15m). One characteristic of the SRW is that their blow is V shaped and these whales exhibited that characteristic. According to Wikipedia there are only around 1500 of these along the southern coast of Australia.

Southern Right Whales

Mum and Dad are cuddling up and Junior has to get out of the way!