Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Tunnel Creek

From the Gibb River Station we returned along the Gibb River Road to Mt Barnett (overnight) and then down the road past Imintji, and to the turn off to Windjana Gorge. We travelled down this road towards Fitzroy Crossing. The road travells along and through the Devonian Reef – a range of hills that are actually part of an ancient Barrier reef. The land has been uplifted and now the reef is an interesting formation hundreds of kilometres long. One formation that is especially interesting is Tunnel Creek – a stream flows through a tunnel through the hills – you can walk through it. Just outside is a large slab of rock that has many fossils showing – mostly small stingrays. They are around 300 million years old.

Tunnel Creek Fossils

Tunnel Creek Fossils

The tunnel itself is dark and at various places you need to wade through water knee deep. There are many tours going through and the tours give all participants a LED torch. This image shows the lights of a tour group returning. This was a 30 second exposure and in the full size version you can just make out the images of the people – I assume they stopped to listen to the guide briefly and left a faint impression.
Tunnel Creek

Tunnel Creek


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