Landscape Photographer from the South West of Western Australia

Gibb River Station Homestead

This was as far along the Gibb River Road we went and is about halfway between Derby and Wyndham. The pastoral lease is owned by the Ngallagunda Community. We called in here and met the locals – they told interesting stories. These are images of the original homestead which date back to the 1920’s. Although it is not heritage listed I understand there is interest in the community in restoring these buildings, both to attract tourists, and because many of them had a long association with the homestead (having either lived or worked in the homestead). I hope they succeed because these buildings are associated with the very early days of pastoralism in the Kimberleys. These buildings show just how hard life must have been here then. The original owners (Fred Russ and his wife) lived here until the 1960’s when they built their dream house nearby. Unfortunately their health deteriorated and they had to move to town (perhaps Kununurra) two years later. White ants have got into this new house and it is now unsafe to enter.

Gibb River Station Homestead

Gibb River Station Homestead

The homestead consisted of a number of buildings including a radio room, a meat store and a kitchen.
Construction details

Construction details



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