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Kimberley Adventure

I have been travelling the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia recently. The lack of posts to this website reflects the fact that I have been in an area with no Internet Access, no mobile phone access, nothing. (Approximately the road travels from Derby to Wyndham and is only open during the “dry” season”.

This road is rightly regarded as one of the “must do” trips for those wanting to explore the remote parts of Australia – gravel roads, remote cattle stations, gorges, you name it this road has it. My reason for travelling this road has been to investigate setting up Internet Access for the communities along the first 300 km of this road (measured from the Derby end).

For a while I will be posting photos from this trip – ranging from sunsets, gorges, ruins, snakes, crocodiles, more gorges, waterfalls, Jabirus, eagles, ranges, fossils, rivers, well you get the idea.

Here is the Derby Jetty. The tidal range at Derby can be over 10m, hence the long piles in the jetty. Sunset can be glorious although at this time of the year don’t count on clouds – I haven’t seen a cloud in a week. There is a great restaurant at the base of the jetty and they serve a mean barramundi.

Derby sunset

Derby sunset

Anyone in Derby should visit the Mowanjum Art Centre – about 5km along the Gibb River Road. The art at this centre is superb, and you can get Internet access – a by product of the system we have installed in the community.