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Gunyidi – Wubin Lakes sunrise

A few days ago I posted a stitched panorama of a sunrise taken in the middle of a lake. This shot had the reflection of the sunrise in the water and it was a magical moment being there taking the photo. However downscaling a massive file down to web resolution loses a lot of detail and much of the impact of the image. I often see this with web images when the photographer makes comments such as “the detail in this photo is amazing!”, but of course only the photographer can see that at web resolution.

This photo was similar. It also lent itself to cropping to create new images. With images sizes from 20,000 to 30,000 pixels across, there are many ways the image can be cropped. Here are a couple – the first is a crop down to about one quarter the size of the original, and the second is a further crop of the first.

Of course when the original is printed at a large size, all these “mini” images in the original can be seen! Just a reminder – these are all straight out of the camera – the only processing is to stitch and crop – there has been no dodging and burning, no playing with saturation, vibrance etc.

Lake Sunrise 1/4 crop

Lake Sunrise 1/4 crop

Lake Sunrise - 2nd crop

Lake Sunrise – 2nd crop

Here is the scene – the lake bottom is full of black sticky mud – I walked out as far as I could until my boots got stuck. At this point the light show was nearly over.

The scene

The scene