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Windy Harbour

While I was in Pemberton I went down to Windy Harbour for a look. I have never been there (it is not exactly on the road to anywhere) and was pleasantly surprised. It is full of “fishing shacks” many of which are brightly painted (and some which need to be!). The whole town was very neat and tidy – I didn’t see any unkempt gardens for example and all lawn areas were neatly mown. It would be interesting to photograph the town during a long weekend when there were more people around. Here are some images from Windy Harbour (the name gives a good idea of what the dominant weather is – there is nothing between Windy Harbour and Antartica!

Windy Harbour shack

Windy Harbour shack

Windy Harbour Street

I should have taken more shots like this to convey the feel of the place.


This toilet block gives a good indication of the major interest of the locals. There are pictures of many of the local fish species painted on the wall.

This is a tractor!

There seems to be work going on at the boat ramp, but I think many people launch their boats from the beach. I don’t think this one will have any problems with soft sand!

Paint me!

The paint may be peeling but the lawns are well kept.

Yellow Weekender

Mellow Yellow?