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Stormy sunset at Canal Rocks

We have had some rough weather down here. Last evening I took my D800E to Canal Rocks. It was hardly ideal conditions, wind gusting to 45 knots, spray everywhere, and shooting into the sun. The camera was in a rain cover to protect it from the spray. I couldn’t let go of the tripod or it would have blown over. I had seen some evidence that the D800E was very good at recovering detail from shadows, so I just braced myself, tried to steady the tripod and decreased the exposure until the sky was not blown out (except directly at the sun). The rocks and water all looked pretty black. Back at home and in Lightroom I was easily able to recover the shadows!

Stormy sunset at Canal Rocks

Stormy sunset at Canal Rocks

This was not the best image to judge the resolution of the D800E – at times it was all I could do to stand up, and focussing through the plastic of the rain cover was difficult. However a large print looks pretty good, so I am pleased with the result.